Corte Lenguin’s wines

The chalky, argillaceous terrain that characterizes production at Corte Lenguin is situated around 250-300 metres above level, within the classic Valpolicella wine production region..

The wine

The healthy Sun-kissed vines, of the Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Molinari varieties are ready for pressing and maturing at our winery in the third week of September after a long and rigorous harvesting and hand selection of the best grapes.

These grapes destined to become Amarone and Recioto are dried for a longer period to develop and intensify their aromas and natural sweetness.


The wine making process for Amazon and Recite grapes usually begins, under controlled temperatures in February and the maceration period continues for around 25-30 days with large scale re-passing for natural refinement.

The Recite production is then naturally arrested in order to maintain a high sugar level, giving sweetness to the wine, unlike the dry Amazon where the process of sugar to yeast traditional is allowed to run its natural course.


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